Come and see Al Palmer's All Toyota car show - March, 2017

Welcome to Al Palmer Repairs Classic JDM

We at Al Palmer Repairs are experts at sourcing those hard to find Japanese domestic model classics. With a knowledge-base and hands-on experience stretching over 40 years.

Al Palmer worked on the early Toyota models from the late 60's giving him the know-how on repairing these classics. He has built up a network in Australia and Japan enabling us to be able to find and ship these all too hard to find models at very competitive prices.
Al's brother Scott who has lived in Japan for 20 years has the ability to source any classic to fill any order.
We pride ourselves at being the best in the business at this service.
So, with our knowledge base and "feet on the ground" approach we are confident in sourcing your new classic out of Japan.

Recent classic vehicles exported from Japan

Corona GT-5 on site in Japan
Scott with a 1971 RE12
Al's personal 1968 Sports 800
A 1973 Jag E-Type ready to go

These are just a few of the domestic model classics exported from Japan. Feel free to call us, or drop us a line anytime (see the Contact Us link below).